FaceLift Surgery

Face Lift or Face Lifting?

Also known as Rhytidectomy, a FACELIFT can be performed.

A minimally invasive operation may be followed by a complex, more involved surgery. Facelifts are able to help reduce excess skin. Also, it can redrape facial and neck skin as well as tighten the muscle. If you’re looking for the best plastic sugeon visit The Seattle Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center for more information.

Facial region under consideration

It is mainly used to treat the lower facial area, like the jawline.

The deeper tissues of the face may need to be repositioned, or even tightened up for a more youthful-looking appearance.

If you want to get the best result, then it might be necessary for you to either remove or replace fat.

At present, there are many methods that provide results considered to be reliable, stable, and durable.

Who is the Candidate for a Facelift?

Who are the most suitable candidates for a FACELIFT?

A facelift can be the best treatment to eliminate facial wrinkles.

Candidates for the FACELIFT procedure include:

There are many reasons why you should consider FACELIFT.

Feelings of aging can be felt when the face seems to lack its youthfulness or charm.

Skin loosening on midface or jawline.

Nasolabial folds are deep wrinkles that extend from the corner to the nose.

From the corner of your mouth and down until the chin, you can see lines called marionette.

Facial fat that’s been displayed, or is falling.

Lower face muscles lose tone and begin to sag, causing jowls.

Double chin can be caused by loose skin, excess fat under the chin area and on the jaw.

Itchy and loose skin around the neck.

To be considered for a FACELIFT, you must meet these requirements:

Facelifts are recommended for any one of the factors listed above. If you want to undergo surgery, then you need to meet certain criteria.

Every procedure involving surgery, be it cosmetic or plastic, is not without risk. A FACELIFT should only be done if the procedure is required by your doctor or if you believe it will enhance your overall quality of life.

Candidates for FACELIFT SURGERY are those who are in good physical health and have realistic goals about what they expect from the surgery. They also must be aware of risks.

Consider cosmetic surgery only if you are free of serious illnesses such as depression, hemophilia, high-blood pressure, and bleeding disorders.

The FACELIFT is not for you if alcohol or smoking are excessive.

Have a positive attitude towards life!

Realistic expectations about the results of your surgery are important.

Expect to miss several weeks’ worth of regular activities.

Facelifts: The Benefits

A FACELIFT will correct midface laxity, marionette wrinkles, jowls as well as double chins. Thus, maintaining the status of the “golden standard” in facial rejuvenation. Each year, many people are delighted with the result of successful facelift surgery.

There are many advantages to FACELIFT

This surgery can be used to improve multiple facial areas at the same time.

The results can last up to ten years, and even longer. They can also make you appear between ten and fifteen years younger.

All other alternatives methods can’t compare to this one for contouring the face and neck.