Medical Marijuana To Improve Health

Medical Marijuana Proposition 225.

San Francisco voters, in 1996, were overwhelmingly pro-Proposition 215. In addition to the 2003 bill SB420m which legalized marijuana use, this proposition was also passed. Find out how to choose the best cannabis strains in this site.

San Francisco Law permits marijuana possession, cultivation and consumption with permission. In the years since medical cannabis was legalized, the issue has been hotly debated and is still an important political issue today.


Patients must be in possession of either a Medical Marijuana Card or an approval from a physician to meet its requirements. Patients must first be diagnosed using one of the several approved treatments. This law is known as the Compassionate-Use Act (Proposition 215). It allows patients to use medical marijuana when a doctor has approved the treatment.
Specifically, this condition includes the following illnesses:

Chronic pain
Migraine headaches
The persistent muscle spasms
Seizures, and other conditions that marijuana can relieve.

Marijuana Can Be Legally Used

Others can legally use cannabis to treat a wide range of medical conditions. San Francisco is home to several certified and general practitioners who found cannabis effective in treating a variety of warning signs. More than 250 conditions and diseases have reportedly responded well to medical marijuana. Medical marijuana used to be studied for the signs that a certain disease was developing. But now, research is being conducted to see if it could adapt, cure, or stop a specific disease’s progression. However, these conditions do not only include mental illness, chronic backache, fibromyalgia or depression.


The study is focused on people with Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis. Some systematic studies on the medicinal benefits of marijuana continue to grow. There are a lot of theories in the scientific literature that explore the effect of various ingredients and components found in marijuana on diseases, symptoms and conditions.

In general, cannabis smoke is good for you. It is up to us how much we smoke cannabis in order to reap its medical benefits. When the dosage is followed, we should be able to avoid serious side-effects.