Science of Miralax Constipation Relief

Find relief when constipation hits. Miralax (a widely-used over-the-counter product) works on a particular mechanism in order to relieve this discomfort. Miralax works on a science level. Let’s unravel the science behind Miralax’s constipation-relieving prowess. Read more now on how does miralax work?

Miralax, which contains the active ingredient Polyethylene Glycol 3350, is a laxative by osmotic action. Water is drawn into the colon to form and store stool. Miralax’s process of constipation relief is explained in detail below:

1. Miralax enters the digestive tract after being consumed. Instead of being absorbed by the bloodstream or the intestine, Miralax remains in the colon. Miralax’s osmotic property comes into play here. Osmosis, a natural phenomenon whereby water moves from a region of low solute concentration into a region of high solute content. Miralax, in this case is the solute.

2. Miralax draws water into the body as it sits there. By increasing the moisture of the stool, this influx water helps soften it. As a result, the stool becomes more watery and bulkier.

3. Stool Softening, and Bulk increase: Softened stool is essential for comfort in bowel movements. Hard and dry stool can cause pain and strain during elimination. Miralax changes the stool texture to make it easier for the body to absorb.

4. Peristalsis natural: the softened and enlarged stool causes the colon to contract in a rhythmic manner. This is called peristalsis. These contractions push the stool up the digestive tract and facilitate its passage from the colon to rectum. This is the same process that mimics our body’s normal mechanism for encouraging bowel movements.

5. Miralax offers a predictable, gradual action. Miralax works more gently than other laxatives which cause sudden, urgent and violent bowel movements. The gentler effect makes Miralax a better choice for those who are looking to find relief from their bowel problems without disrupting daily life.

Miralax works, but the onset of its effects can differ. Miralax typically takes 12 to 72 hrs to start showing its results. Individual metabolisms, diets, and levels of hydration can all influence exact timing.

Miralax’s mechanism of action is centred around the absorption of water by the colon. The result? A softer and more bulky stool. This softening affect eases stool passage, which promotes comfortable bowel motions. Miralax acts gradually and is therefore a favourite choice of many who want to relieve constipation.

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